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What's in Your Suitcase?

Lisa Woodford

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Have you ever packed for a trip and wondered if you were going to exceed the 50 lb. weight limit at the airline ticket counter? Wow, that would be embarrassing, having to open your suitcase right there in front of everyone and figure out what weighs approximately 2 lbs. that you can put in your carry on or live without.  I think about that every time one of my sisters travel because they all are true overpackers!  This is the one thing that drives our dad crazy.  About a month before a family vacation he starts lecturing on the fact that we 'Don't need to pack everything we own' and 'One pair of pants can be worn the whole trip, you don't need a different pair for every day!'  We all nod our heads and agree and then when they actually pack they still have 7 or 8 pairs for a 5 day trip.

My whole take on this is 'Why does he care?!'  I have asked him on numerous occasions if he cares what the other passengers show up with at the airport.  Does he lecture every person in line that they don't need to have such a large suitcase or question whether they know that hotels actually provide hair dryers? NO!  He doesn't.  My advice to him is my favorite motto: Live and let live! 

I love this phrase because it fits so many situations in life.  I don't have the right to judge how clean someone else keeps their car, if they do their kids' homework for them, if they like to cook or eat out, etc.  Every person has their own way of living, it is their personal journey they are on, so I will let them be and mind my own business.  When this is really helpful is when I feel strongly about something and am tempted to speak up or let someone know my opinion.  I have learned to listen to that wise little voice in my head repeating, 'Live and let live, it does not affect you'.  Besides, I do not know their story or reasons for doing what they do, so I have no right to put in my two cents. I will just hold my tounge, eliminate any judgment and consider myself two cents richer!

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