Life Coach Lisa Woodford from Omaha helps individuals, parents and families achieve goals.
 Lisa Woodford
    Learning & Communication Coach

Training & Coaching will help you: 
  • Connect & Communicate on entirely NEW levels
  • Tackle Negative Beliefs that Don't Serve You
  • Declutter Your Life : Inside & Out
  • Overcome Anxiety and Stay Confident
  • Clarify your Life Questions & Purpose
  •  Deconstruct Negative Patterns
  • Empower your True Self with Confidence
  • Understand How Your Brain is Working
  • Understand Why You Do What You Do
  • Bring Balance to Your Life
  • Learn to Comunicate Without Power Struggles and Yelling
  • Improve Relationships with Your Family, Friends and Co-workers
  • Navigate Life Stages 
  • Eliminate Self-doubt, Self-limiting Beliefs & Self-distruction
  • Turn Stress into Progress with Postitive Neuro-Chemistry
Why Coaching and Training?

• Research shows: The Return On Investment is 10-49 times the cost of coaching alone
• Training and Coaching paired increase effectiveness by 88%!
• Training provides the knowledge and tools necessary for growth
• Coaching helps shift personal dynamics, interrupt patterns and improve engagement
• Together, training and coaching empower you to create the lasting changes you desire.

With training and coaching you can overcome negative patterns, enhance connectivity, create connected conversations and establish positive perspective to thrive and reach your Next Level of Greatness!  

How is Coaching different than therapy? 
Psychotherapy and counseling are a medical framework: identifying and diagnosing dysfunctions and prescribing treatment. Training and Coaching start with you, right where you are, and provides you with practical tools and steps to accomplish the things you want and need.
Lisa takes practical steps and applies effective solutions to make positive changes for your future.