Life Coach Lisa Woodford from Omaha helps individuals, parents and families to be happy.

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  1. Module 1
    Learn the 3 Stages of Parenting: And Why it is necessary to SHIFT at the Right Times! Discover how You and Your Family Members are Wired so that You Can CONNECT!
  2. Module 2
    Learn How to Balance Busy Professional Lives with Home & Family Time Find New Perspectives to \See Your Child in a Whole NEW Light!
  3. Module 3
    Learn to Parent Proactively to SAVE Your Energy for what is Truly Important...You! Discover How to Find Your Way on Your HERO'S Journey and How to Watch them Walk with Independence on Theirs!
  4. Module 4
    When you know How to Stay Focused you can learn to Navigate & Grow more of what we all want in life: JOY! Learn to meet Your Human Needs and Help Your Children Meet Theirs!
  5. Module 5
    Dealing with Dishonesty, Distrust and Disappointment...How to Build Trust when it is Broken No More Yelling, Telling, Repeating and Reminding! Learn to Communicate Effectively with Compassion
  6. Module 6
    Self Care, Respect and Confidence When we know how to SHIFT Life is a Gift! Life isn't all about being a Mom or a Dad... Life is a String of Happy Moments: not expecting every moment to be happy, but successfully balancing on the string in between.
Lisa takes practical steps and applies effective solutions to make positive changes for your future.